Debra Ingram, Owner & Licensed Massage Therapist

License: NJ 18KT00171600 / NY 024616-01

Who We Are

Owned and operated by Certified and Licensed Massage Therapist, Debra Ingram, Abide In Me Therapeutic Massage Services (AIM Massage Therapy) specializes in providing a range of Therapeutic Massage services designed to rejuvenate, restore and relieve tension to the mind, body and spirit of individuals who desire to feel and be relaxed. 

With all of life’s many aspects – from being a single parent, caregiver, full-time employee having served over 35 years in the corporate workplace, entrepreneur, mentor, advisor, daughter, sister, friend – it is very important to Debra to have and maintain a balanced, fulfilled and stress free lifestyle. Though tasks and responsibilities may not always be easy to handle, she has embraced all of the facets that comprise her life and strives to be the best that she can possibly be in every area.

With that being said, we are all multi-faceted; having many roles and commitments to tend to at various times and in several ways. It is vital that in every aspect of our lives, whether at our jobs, socially or in the comfort of our own space, we AIM for balance and wellness. 

Debra’s vision for AIM Massage Therapy is to combine her passion for Massage Therapy, hospitality and recreation, coupled with her experiences, knowledge and compassion for the well-being of others, to offer support in their life’s journey and to provide the best treatments available to help them meet their overall wellness goals.


Serving the New York and New Jersey areas, our passion as a mobile Massage Therapy company is to provide total wellness services for the total you! 

Whether you’re in need of a massage session as an initiative to your office wellness program, next social event or desire alone time to pamper yourself, a Licensed Massage Therapist will come to your location and give an abiding hand to your needs.

Each massage session AIMs to foster an atmosphere of wellness that allows you a moment of “stillness”; free from distractions, interruptions or pain. Inclusive with massage techniques, faith-based principles are used to encourage the balance of your overall well-being by admonishing you to leave your stress behind and to AIM toward the fulfillment of your purpose, as you abide in the hands of trusted Therapists.

Our Services

Workplace Wellness: AIM Massage Therapists help to create a culture of wellness by providing employees with the benefits of Chair Massage and Group Stretch at your workplace.

Marketing/Social Events: Offering Therapeutic Massage services at an event is a sure way to leave a positive impact on your audience.

In-Home Sessions: Choose from therapeutic sessions purposed to encourage total relaxation, without the hassle of leaving the house.

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Servicing the New York City and New Jersey areas

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