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We provide in-person mobile Therapeutic Massage services. Session types include Workplace Wellness, Marketing and Social/Private Events and individual In-Home Sessions.

Whether you’re in need of a massage session as an initiative to your office wellness program, next social event or desire alone time to pamper yourself, our Certified and Licensed health and wellness professionals will come to your location and give an abiding hand to your needs.

All requests for scheduling Workplace Wellness, Marketing and/or Social Event sessions must be submitted via the Request a Quote link.

Click the Schedule an Appointment link on the In-Home Sessions page and simply complete the booking form directly from our site.

The AIM Virtual Consultation is a free one-time only online meeting with a Licensed and Certified Massage Therapist.

Purposed for individuals who are looking to have an in-person Therapeutic Massage session with AIM in the future, the consultation is a way for potential Guests to learn more about AIM’s services and processes prior to their first scheduled appointment and a way for AIM Staff to assess the therapeutic needs of Guests to properly prepare for treatments.

Both Guests and Members can choose from wellness sessions where we will conveniently bring the session to your location. For the safety and well-being of all, both must verify personal information before scheduling an appointment.

GUESTS: Regardless of the session type you choose, you will automatically become a Guest when you schedule your first in-person massage session with AIM. In addition to the Service provided, enjoy complimentary amenities and promotional offers.

MEMBERS: Free to join, Members can choose from a wider range of Services, have access to our wellness community and receive exclusive benefits, offers and savings. Most importantly, as a Member you are able to build a relationship with your Massage Therapist who will work with you, through continual conversations and care, to provide you with the best Therapeutic Massage services.


Prices for in-home sessions vary depending on several factors, such as Service, duration and location of appointment.

Specific in-home session prices and fees will be displayed in detail when Guests input their information in the Schedule an Appointment form.

Prices for workplace, marketing and/or social event sessions are customized based on the requested session and will be determined when Guests complete the Request a Quote form.

Once you have filled out the form, a customized quotation letter and invoice will be sent to you – via email – outlining session details, pricing and payment instructions. 

Depending on the jurisdiction in which the Service will transpire, applicable service tax and fees will be applied and reflected in the total price.

Gratuity is not included in the prices for Services and is not required to be remitted by Guests; however, is accepted and appreciated.

Full payment is required from the Requestor to secure an in-person session with AIM.

We currently do not accept health insurance.

Session Details

We currently operate as a mobile Massage Therapy company; where we travel to a Requestor’s specified location within the New York City, Long Island, Rockland and Westchester Counties and New Jersey areas. We do not have a physical location for Massage Therapy services.

For Workplace, Marketing and/or Social Events, sessions will take place in a designated area at the Requestor’s facility.

For In-Home sessions, treatments will take place at the Guest’s residence.

A Health and Safety Liability Form will be issued to Guests before each session and will require signature. Prior to any session, AIM Staff will perform enhanced cleaning procedures to thoroughly sanitize all equipment, supplies and service areas. Guests and Therapists will also discuss wellness goals before proceeding with the session.

During a massage session, the Therapist will use techniques on target areas and periodically ask the recipient how they are feeling. After a session, the Therapist will assist the individual off the chair or table and encourage all participants to take deep breaths, drink plenty of water and schedule an appointment to receive regular treatments.


For a chair massage, the person is fully dressed.

If a full body table massage is requested, treatment is more effective if the recipient remove clothing items (preferred, but solely at the discretion of the massage recipient), except undergarments. A sheet, towel and/or robe is used for covering and privacy.

Massage creams or lotions will not be used for chair massage sessions. 

For table massage and reflexology sessions, a variety of massage creams, lotions and/or oils are available for use.

The option for the use of essential oils is only for AIM Wellness Membership massage sessions. 

We require a clean, suitable and safe area for the session to take place; having enough room to accommodate a massage chair and/or massage table.

For the use of a massage chair, an approximate 5′ x 6′ area is needed for the Therapist to set up and have room to move around comfortably. For the use of a massage table, an approximate 9′ x 12′ area is needed. If two or more Therapists are required for the session, the space will need to be bigger.

Remember though…the tighter the space, the less comfortable the session will be!

This depends on the Service requested.

In addition to the Service duration, we ask that you allow for a few minutes before and after each treatment to allot for consultation/feedback and session setup/cleanup.

30 minutes45 minutes60 minutes90 minutes
Swedish Massage:__________$188$235
Deep Tissue Massage:__________$207$258
Heated Stone Massage:__________$244$305
Hand & Foot Massage:_____$113__________
Chair Massage:$94$118__________
Exfoliating Scrub:$104$129__________
Assisted Stretch:$85_____$106_____

WORKPLACE STRETCH: In a group setting, your Therapist will conduct wellness sessions with your team and instruct head-to-toe stretch techniques that target every major muscle group.

IN-HOME ASSISTED STRETCH: Your Therapist will facilitate assisted stretches with you in a variety of positions to help aid your body into a greater range of motion.


In accordance with Health and Safety regulations and guidelines, we are using all appropriate measures to ensure the well-being of all our Staff and Guests. A Health and Safety Liability Form will be issued prior to the treatment, which will require signature from all Guests, consenting to the outlined protocols and guidelines.

For all session types, a brief analysis of an individual Recipient’s overall health will be conducted prior to the treatment. The individual should inform Therapists of any allergies, health concerns or conditions that would impede the treatment, causing risk to the Recipient or to the Therapist.

HEALTH: Some health conditions may prevent Guests from receiving treatments. Guests should inform Therapists of any health concerns or conditions that would impede the treatment, causing risk to the Guest or to the Therapist. AIM Therapists will use discretion to determine if treatment should be conducted and reserves the right to decline Services if treatment is deemed unsafe.

AIM will not provide Services to individuals who are intoxicated or experiencing a high fever, dizziness or nausea, were recently involved in an accident or recently had major surgery, has bruises, wounds or rashes,
inflamed areas, a contagious viral or bacterial infection or an advanced stage illness, or women in their first trimester of pregnancy, to name a few.

AGE: Individuals under the age of 18 years (please note Services are not for persons under the age of 13) must have gotten permission from, and for the duration of the session, be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

LOCATION: AIM currently provides in-person mobile Therapeutic Massage services in the New York City (Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Manhattan and Staten Island), Long Island, Rockland County, Westchester County and New Jersey areas.

In-Home Sessions: As a courtesy to our Therapists, we request a minimum of 24 hours notice be given to AIM to reschedule a confirmed appointment. No refunds will be provided for any paid and confirmed appointments; however, prepaid payments will be used toward a rescheduled appointment time.

Workplace Wellness, Marketing and/or Social Event Sessions: Once a booking has been confirmed and payment remitted to AIM, no full refunds will be provided.

Please review our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy for complete policy details.

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Servicing the New York City and New Jersey areas

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Servicing the New York City and New Jersey areas Servicing the New York City and New Jersey areas Servicing the New York City and New Jersey areas Servicing the New York City and New Jersey areas Servicing the New York City and New Jersey areas

Servicing the New York City and New Jersey areas
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