Due to the COVID-19 virus pandemic, in-person Therapeutic Massage services are temporarily limited.

Learn more about our commitment to health and safety as we endeavor to resume full in-person services.

Marketing and Social Events​

Whether at a convention or get-together, offering Therapeutic Massage services at an event is a sure way to keep your crowd engaged; ultimately leaving a positive impact on your audience about your event or company.

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In-Person Sessions

Chair Massage for Marketing Events​

Nothing draws a crowd like a massage! Offering on-site Chair Massages at your event is a great way to attract customers and build clientele. While your guests are enjoying their massage, you will have the opportunity to promote your product or service as well.

This Massage Therapy service AIMs to keep your attendees engaged and to create a buzz around your brand!​

Marketing Event massages are good for, but not limited to: Conventions and Seminars | Expos | Trade show exhibits | Health fairs | Pop-up shop events

Massage Sessions for Social Events​

Different from a marketing event where massages are offered as an incentive for potential customers, social events are geared towards a more intimate crowd where relaxation is the goal.

Our Certified and Licensed Massage Therapists will provide your guests with exceptional Chair and/or Table Massage services that will ensure them a good time!

Social/Private event sessions can be customized to include Reflexology (Hand and Foot Hydration) and Soft Music.

Ideal for private social events, such as: Bridal showers | Spa parties | Get-togethers | Birthday celebrations | Retreats

Virtual Sessions

Create an atmosphere of wellness wherever you are.

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Virtual Sessions

Create an atmosphere of wellness wherever you are.

Social Check-In

We do not live in this world alone. It’s important to develop healthy and supportive relationships because we really do need each other to survive in this world. The virtual session will create an experience and atmosphere for all to be empowered to live balanced and well.

Customize your massage experience

Available for Social/Private events only

Reflexology (Hand & Foot Hydration)

Specialized treatment includes warm water hand and foot soak and gently exfoliating rub.

Soft Music

Playing soothing music during massage treatments can significantly relax your guests.

How It Works

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Bring awareness and a relaxed environment to your guests by providing Massage Therapy at your event.

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Request a customized in-person event quote and we will conveniently bring the massage session to your location.

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Enjoy the benefits

Immediately stand out and see increased interest and engagement with your attendees.

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A minimum 2 hour service time is required to book an in-person session. Scheduled sessions cannot exceed 6 hours.

Chair Massage services will not exceed 15 minutes per person.

Table Massage services will not exceed 30 minutes per person.

Reflexology (Hand & Foot Hydration) will not exceed 15 minutes per person.

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Servicing the New York City and New Jersey areas

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Servicing the New York City and New Jersey areas
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