Workplace Chair Massage and Stretch

From stress relief as part of an office wellness program to holiday parties and employee anniversaries as office initiatives, offering Chair Massage and Stretching services is a great way to boost morale and increase productivity in any workplace environment.

Spending considerable amounts of time at the office can lead to fatigue and increased tension in employees.

However, offering incentives to help relieve stress and improve performance will impact the wellness of your employees.

Chair Massage

Enduring strain for 8+ hours a day for 5+ days a week can not only cause serious problems for the body, it can prevent employees from being effective on the job.

Offering frequent chair massage treatments addresses individual areas of tension and can significantly reduce work-related pressures, improve concentration and motivation.

Stretch Techniques

Whatever demands a body endures, from sitting all day to lifting heavy objects, incorporating stretch techniques throughout the workday is a great way to energize employees.

We offer assisted group head-to-toe stretch services that target every major muscle group. Sessions are also a great way to promote a healthy, positive and cohesive work environment.

Customize your massage experience

Reflexology (Hand & Foot Hydration)

Specialized treatment includes warm water hand and foot soak and gentle exfoliating rub.

Soft Music

Playing soothing music during sessions can significantly relax and motivate employees.

Services will not exceed 15 minutes per session.

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